Pantry Organization

Clutter causes stress.

If your pantry is a mess and in total disarray all you want to do is slam the door. Now is the perfect time to organize a closet you look at everyday. Start with one shelf at a time. Having wire shelves makes it difficult to line things up in a tidy fashion, so visit your local home decor store where they have numerous clear kitchen bins. They come in lots of different sizes for cans and small boxes, vinegar and oils. Transfer cereal, flour, sugar, rice into a clear glass container that can be labeled. You can get free decorative downloadable labels online or in your local office supply store. By doing all this it will allow you space to put your stand mixer and large Margarita blender on the floor.

One last tip, get a small but safe step stool to reach things too high for your reach, it will help keep all shelves organized. 

Pantry Organization

Three Sheets to the Wind…..

IMG_1105Do you remember when your mom or grandmother hung freshly washed sheets on a clothesline?   Back then there wasn’t much concern about thread count.   Today, thread count is the buzz word when purchasing sheets.   Thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch.   According to Consumer Reports  (September 13, 2013) the best thread count for your money is between 300 and 600 thread count.  They make 1,000 thread count sheets but you aren’t getting a “better” sheet, you are just paying more.   Sheets with exorbitant counts are actually made by spinning thinner threads together to make one thread.  Then the manufacturer doubles or triples the count to make it more attractive to the consumer.

It is best to focus on the fabric of your sheets.  Combed Cotton, Egyptian Cotton or Pima Cotton.  If you like a super soft sheet select a sateen, if you like crisp sheets try percale.  Most stores will allow you to touch the sheet fabric but buyer beware, manufacturers treat new sheets with a softening agent that washes out.   Consumer Reports  recommends keep your receipt in case you don’t like the feel after they are washed.

Like most people – sheets are considered an extravagance which is why we give them as wedding gifts and not to ourselves.   Throw caution to the wind and replace those tired, shrinking sheets with crisp, clean white sheets.  You may not have a clothesline to hang them on but you’ll get many nights of restful, luxurious sleep, you’re worth it.

Selecting Art for your home

20150601_115225Selecting art for your home is a very personal thing.   It should reflect your personality, sense of style and your love of color.

Most people buy a favorite print or painting with no thought of its size and how it will fill a space.  Consequently, a small important piece gets lost on a large, vacant wall.

My theory is “go big or go home“.   Select art to fill a wall above a beautiful chest or entry table.  Doing this you have not only created a perfect location for  your print but have created a new vignette for your home.   If the artwork piece you have is small, don’t be afraid to hang several pieces together to form a collection.

Add interest to your bookshelves, by adding a piece of art.   Here the use of large and small prints are mingled amongst books to give this built-in serious personality!


Designing an Outdoor Tablescape

Outdoor entertaining should be enjoyable for both you and your guest.   With a little extra effort you can turn your lanai, porch, deck, patio or balcony into a “Party Venue”.

The first thing to do is “Plan a Theme“.    Most people think planning a theme means planning around an occasion or holiday; but you can also theme a party by color.   Select your favorite color – then build your table decor, flowers and food all using the shades of the color that makes you shine.  No holiday necessary!

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New Coastal Collections

Being located in Florida we are always searching for the best coastal home furnishings – at this Spring HighPoint Market we weren’t disappointed and are happy to report that our favorite manufacturers all unveiled a new Coastal Line.

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Entertaining in Red, White & Blue

Summer, summer vacation and Fourth of July evoke great childhood memories.  Summer meant fishing in my favorite red Jantzen bathing suit and toe capped tennies.   Playing flashlight tag with friends.   The flicker of playing cards on bicycle spokes, and the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion….Life was good!

Fourth of July was a time for celebration.  Moms up and down the street draped swags of red, white and blue on the railing.   Dad climbed the ladder to hang the new American flag and Grandma’s everywhere made frozen cakes that looked just like the flag on our porch.   Holiday entertaining was an art form.   Dressing your table was like planning a gift for each guest present.  Those traditions still hold true today.

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Furniture Integrated with Technology

Visiting the HighPoint Spring Market is a treat for any designer, as we are able to see, feel and get a good sense of where the direction of the home furnishings market is heading.   Currently, there is a tremendous amount of thought incorporating technology into furniture to make consumers lives easier.

Many manufacturers have built-in charging stations and outlets into bedroom nightstands so consumers can charge all their electronics while they sleep (but still have phones, etc. just a reach away).

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Details, Details, Details…..

The 2012 Highpoint Spring Market introduced hundreds of new interior furnishings and one similarity that we saw with all the new furniture lines is “details make the piece“.   We visited showrooms with everything from rustic styles to modern and found a surprising amount of detailing in almost everything we viewed.   Most upholstery is now available with options for nailheads, contrast welting, various trims and a huge array of fabrics.

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New Spring Looks for 2012 Outdoor Living

There are many new styling choices available in this season’s outdoor furnishings lineup.   Beautiful weather resistant wovens, rattan and wicker, in addition to strong classic pieces in natural teak are new this spring.  The exciting 2012 Spring/Summer looks really have something for every design motif and style.  I’ve compiled a brief montage below of some of our newest lines.  All these selections (& more) are available now and can be completely customized with different patterned/colored cushions and finishes.   Call today for more info!

See Above for the Nautical Collection.  This Collection has unique a design feature achieved by the integral use of rope and knots.  This interesting use of natural materials makes a strong design impact and works especially well in coastal regions like Florida.

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Spring Cleaning – Getting Your Lanai in Tip Top Shape

Spring is in the air – and with spring cleaning in Florida comes sprucing up our outdoor spaces to take advantage of this wonderful weather.   Cleaning your lanai is a rite of passage here, and with spring comes pollen season.  Lanais generally need a power washing or at minimum a good hard spray with the hose at this time of year.  This is a great time to do an ample wipe down of your frames and doors as well as a fresh cleaning of your windows.   A good tip

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