Furniture Integrated with Technology

Visiting the HighPoint Spring Market is a treat for any designer, as we are able to see, feel and get a good sense of where the direction of the home furnishings market is heading. Currently, there is a tremendous amount of thought incorporating technology into furniture to make consumers lives easier. Many manufacturers have built-in charging stations and outlets into bedroom nightstands so consumers can charge all their electronics while they sleep (but still have phones, etc. just a reach away). One of our home office furniture lines introduced a brand new product line that was designed exclusively for ergonomic tablet, laptop and desktop computer use. We tested various worksurfaces and transitions that accommodate writing, typing and tablet use as well as accommodate your standard keyboard or laptop. Most appealing, was that these surfaces all slide away and are hidden when not in use. Manufacturers have designed furnishings that allow adjustability and flexibility without sacrificing design and impeccable wood styling. (We were quite impressed!) One of our manufacturers unveiled a wonderful youth line that really integrated technology into every facet of their pieces. Perfect for a world where children are growing up immersed in technology ………. we saw hidden compartments, pop-out reading lights, hidden night lights, and charging stations all integrated right into the furniture. We also saw manufacturers incorporating technology into upholstery items. Sectionals with speakers, IPOD connection ports and storage areas as well as pieces that recline electronically by the push of a button.