Entertaining in Red, White & Blue

Summer, summer vacation and Fourth of July evoke great childhood memories.  Summer meant fishing in my favorite red Jantzen bathing suit and toe capped tennies.   Playing flashlight tag with friends.   The flicker of playing cards on bicycle spokes, and the smell of Coppertone suntan lotion….Life was good!

Fourth of July was a time for celebration.  Moms up and down the street draped swags of red, white and blue on the railing.   Dad climbed the ladder to hang the new American flag and Grandma’s everywhere made frozen cakes that looked just like the flag on our porch.   Holiday entertaining was an art form.   Dressing your table was like planning a gift for each guest present.  Those traditions still hold true today.

An artful table is just as important as the food you serve. Red, white and blue is an easy color combination to decorate with, but be careful not to over do it. A tall white vase filled with Old Glory is a great starting point, but bunches of fresh cut daisies would be just as festive.

Layering color and texture adds interest. My favorite anchor is a simple wicker placemat. Top that with a red melamine charger. Add a touch of history with a pewter banded dinner plate. This gives your table setting weight and character. It also allows you to use a collectable or family treasure. The glassware used here is amber glass, it adds sparkle, introduces a different color and helps to balance the use of strong red, white and blue. The “unexpected” to our holiday table is the great red collander found at a discount store. Hang a crab cracker on the chrome handle and you have a table fit for Abe Lincoln himself!

Memories are made when you open your door to family and friends. This Fourth of July claim your independence. Dust off your china, mix it with fun and unexpected pieces and you will be writing your own entertaining history.

Happy Fourth of July!