Traveling Well Begins & Ends at Home

Traveling Well Begins at Home

It’s Summer!  This time of year lends itself to endless opportunities for travel. Whether it’s for business, family vacation, or spontaneous weekends away, your travel plans will flow smoothly with a few simple organizational tips to ensure that packing is as easy as possible so you can focus on the adventure ahead.

  • Keep all of your travel accessories stored inside of your luggage for example:  Packing cubes, shoe, garment, and stocked toiletry bags so that it’s all in one place when it’s time to pack.
  • Keep a lavender sachet with a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil in the bottom of your luggage to help keep clothes smelling fresh.
  • Maintain a list of contacts, medical information, and other important documents ready for travel.
  • Choose a color scheme for your wardrobe:  Two neutrals and one accent color.  Mix up your wardrobe with accessories like necklaces, scarves, belts. These all take up less space than endless clothing options. Having a color scheme will simplify your shoe choices saving on precious space.
  • Pack plastic bags for keeping dirty laundry separate on the trip.
  • If you are flying, don’t forget to check with TSA restrictions.

Traveling in pureStyle:
Although travel is not as luxurious as it used to be it doesn’t mean we can’t travel luxuriously by design.

  • Dress in comfortable, chic clothing.  Don’t forget a colorful scarf to keep the chill off as you fly.
  • Your luggage may be the same basic bag that everyone else has, but add a touch of personality to it so that you and everyone else knows it’s YOURS!
  • Space on planes is at a premium! Simplify what you carry on to only the necessities so that you are as comfortable as possible throughout your flight.
  • Comfort for your flight should include lots of water and a fabulous moisturizer.

To ensure you are ready to seize every opportunity that summer presents, organize your traveling accessories now and don’t forget to add style and grace to the process.


Traveling Well Ends at Home

Use travel as a time to get clear on ways to improve your life. A hotel room lends itself to this type of reflection since it’s void of clutter and there is nothing to do! Everything is clean and tidy (thank you Housekeeping!) and leaves you no choice except to just BE. Quiet time while on vacation may reveal some insights of how you can return to create calm in your own home.

A luxury hotel room may cause you to consider the state of your own master bedroom & bathroom and since these items do not last forever and need to be replaced, why not stock your home like an indulgent suite?

There may be a reason that you slept so well on your vacation. Is your mattress doing it’s job to provide comfort and support or is it time for an upgrade? A mattress will last on average about 10 years if it has been maintained with care. If the thought of the investment makes you loose sleep, do a Cost Per Use calculation: Cost of mattress divided by 3,650 nights (10 years) it may help you to put into perspective the investment is in YOU! We spend a third of our life sleeping so comfort is a must.

There is a reason why hotels use white sheets. They are easy to clean and they will blend into any design and color scheme. Linens however, break down with regular cleaning. Replace your sheets when you see obvious signs of wear such as stains, and fraying.
Here are some guidelines for replacing your sheets:

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton is the best with a thread count of between 200-800.

The feel of your sheets is all about your preference.

  • If you want your sheets to feel like your guys button down shirt: Percale with 200 thread count.
  • Prefer your sheets to feel silky? Cotton Satin with a thread count between 300-600.
  • Do the words soft and light come to mind? Choose Percale with a 400 thread count.
  • Desire your sheets to be soft but with some weight? Percale with a 800 thread count.

Just remember you get what you pay for so don’t be tempted to buy those “cheap” sheet sets. They will most likely feel….CHEAP.

Bath Towels:
Again white fluffy towels are easy to clean and can take the strongest laundering, they look luxurious, will blend with any decor and provide a classic look. They are easy to match and they never go out of style.

After a week long stay in a fabulous hotel room, my husband said, “I really miss that wonderful
hotel robe.” It was true, I missed mine too. There is something about slipping into a robe when you’re not quite ready to get dressed. It slows you down and feels…..well, lavish! So, I’m now on the search for a high quality sumptuous set of white robes for our master suite.

Tips for transforming your bedroom into an oasis of calm instead of another multi-functional room:

  • Remove all clutter
  • Diffuse a scent to encourage relaxation
  • Fabulous lighting
  • And of course a chocolate on your pillow at night!

Use your next adventure and your imagination to transform your master bedroom and bathroom into a haven of rest & refreshment. Need help? PureStyle offers full service interior design.