Farmhouse PureStyle

What do you get when you mix a Neal home located in historic Parrish, Florida with the pureStyle design team?  A fresh take on Farmhouse design mingled with relaxing, coastal living.

Many people who move to Florida do so to enjoy the reward of a well-planned life.  Perhaps they had a house they called a home, one they raised their children in, and while they want to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor, they don’t necessarily want to leave all the nostalgia behind…. just the copious amounts of chores. Perhaps this describes you, too.

The newest Neal Community, Canoe Creek, will help you to do just that--relax and enjoy your life here in Florida--and it’s being revealed at the Grand Opening on November 3, 2018.

When you purchase a Neal home you can expect a unique community with lots of amenities to cater to your active lifestyle.  The theme of their latest development at Canoe Creek is Urban Farmhouse on the Coast. It’s as if you’re still home, except you never have to shovel snow.

The focus of pureStyle is on classic simplicity while using a mix of natural elements, modern design, paired with colors, textures, and patterns to provide you with a very special home that you will love.  Each detail begs for your attention, but not all at once.  Rather, in a slow, deliberate way it keeps you looking for more.  Your guests will feel right at home and you will be refreshed by the inspiration of your surroundings.

Charlene Neal’s pureStyle has a multi-generational team poised to help you design your homestead, no matter your age, tastes, or preferences--they are there to help.

If you love the new farmhouse design, and want to know how you can mimic it in your own home, here are a few pureStyle tips that brought this community to life:

Using dark windows paired with coastal white you get a feeling of nostalgia and of coming home as soon as you arrive in this community. This is reminiscent of many areas around the county where farming is the occupation of choice and of generations.

Our farmhouse design focuses on simplicity and contrasts.

The simple and practical color white is paired with repurposed materials for contrast, warmth, and comfort.

We focus on giving our design an eclectic “collected over time” feel by using different materials and natural accents which warm up the spaces.  This is a nod to the true farm life which makes additions to the home over the years to care for the growing needs of the farm and family.

Merging your new home, with the warmth of your old home, will provide you with a gathering place to be adored by generations to come.

This community is truly unique in the area, and it was a creative challenge to bring all of our ideas to life at Canoe Creek.  Come take a peek, we’d love to share them with you!