Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, your energy is spiking and your home is revealing the signs that you have been VERY busy these last three months. Spring is an ideal time to do a reset otherwise known as Spring Cleaning.

There’s many ways of going about this, I like to choose the path of least resistance. One trick I use is to divide my home between the 12 months so that every month I give a little extra special attention or a Spring Cleaning to that area. This allows me to enjoy my favorite time of year without having to overhaul my entire home because I’ve been at it all year long.

If you’re overwhelmed by all that needs to be done consider breaking up the areas in your home and giving yourself a little project every weekend for the next four to eight weeks. Make it a family affair and with a little effort you can get your Spring Cleaning done and get your family to the beach!

You could also treat yourself by hiring someone to do your Spring Cleaning for you and enjoy a good book while you sit on your Lanai.  You are living in Florida and you’ve worked hard for it!

Let’s get started!

Gather Your Supplies

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • A box for donations
  • A bag for trash
  • Most importantly a discerning eye paired with a clipboard where you can take copious notes on what you can improve in the room

Ask Yourself

  • Do we need new linens?
  • Are the curtains threadbare?
  • Would the room get more use if it had better lighting or a comfortable chair?

How I Spring Clean

Look at the room from top to bottom and do things that you normally don’t have time to do like:

  • Checking the corners for cobwebs
  • Vacuum the edges of carpet
  • Go inside each cabinet, drawer, and closet to clean and purge

TRICK:  Set a timer and see how much you can accomplish and then take a break.

Just as springtime brings to birth new leaves and flowers, let it breathe life into your home! Look around and see if there’s a room or an area that you’d like to repurpose.

Consider each room while you’re cleaning and ask yourself is it serving the purpose that you desire most?  If not, what changes need to be made in order to make that possible? Do you have a child’s room who’s left the nest?  Have you always dreamed of having a sewing room, a painting studio, a library, or a dressing room?  Use your imagination! It’s your square footage and you can use it however you like!

Here at Charlene Neal pureSTYLE we’re available to help make your dreams a reality!

Imagine your stress level going down, feeling efficient and simplifying your life.  These are all the benefits of looking at your home with a inspector’s eye, with a white glove, and a fresh perspective of Spring, with an open mind and a willingness to get professional help to turn your home into the beautiful Oasis that you’ve always dreamed of!