3 Easy Steps to Your Statement Wall

You’re finally settled in your dream home, in your dream neighborhood, with dreamy weather, and so close to the beach!  After all, it matters where you live.  Welcome to Florida!  Now you look around and notice the standard swiss coffee, taupe, eggshell or pearl white paint on your walls and you’re curious about the trending pictures of statement walls on Pinterest and Instagram.  Are you ready to make a statement?

Are you willing to dig deep for some whimsical inspiration?  Consider using wallpaper as an accent to make your interiors as bold, exuberant, fashionable, or refined as you are because your home should be a reflection of you.

You may feel that doing a statement wall would be going out on a limb and maybe more daring than what you would normally do.  However, with a little guidance and expert help you can really bring the wow factor to your home and accomplish it in pure style. We’ve done this in several of our model homes and the effect is nothing less than spectacular!

In three easy steps let’s make a statement that will leave your guests swooning as soon as they enter your space, using the perfect colors, that compliment your furnishings and your personality.

Step 1: Decide What You Want To Say

Give yourself a quiet moment and decide what you want to your statement wall to say? Use your creative thought to ponder:  Would it be an ode to your sense of humor or a nod to your sophistication? Do you prefer relaxed, casual, and breezy or elegant, polished, and chic? Eccentric and artsy? Or extravagant and luxurious?

Step 2: Decide Where You Want it Said

Consider where you would like your accent wall to be in your home.  Since it’s a statement wall it doesn’t have to be huge and you may be emboldened to use a brighter color than you normally would use.  A great place to start is your entryway where you greet all of your visitors.  Or you could try a private wall in your master bedroom or master bath. Consider using an amazing wallpaper in your closet that would peak at you from behind your hanging clothes.  It’ll make you smile at the opulent secret you keep to yourself.

Step 3: Get Some Expert Help

Designing a space you love is our specialty.  And to be sure, making a statement wall is a commitment that you may not feel comfortable making by yourself!  We would love to lock arms with you and walk you through the process that will leave you grinning for years as you enjoy your statement to the world or just to yourself that you deserve to be surrounded by only things that are beautiful and useful.

In my experience, statement walls bring so much joy and imagination to a space.  Your visitors will marvel at your daring creativity and you will fall in love everyday with the choice you made to go ahead and make a statement!