Finding Inspiration in Art

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
- Pablo Picasso

Art has the power to transport us, engage us and even enrage us. Some designers view art as the ultimate inspiration. We have recently explored using color appropriately in the home and guidance on selecting suitable color palettes. Still having trouble deciding? Perhaps it is time to turn to art. Whether you decide to make artwork the focal point of a space or just use it as a springboard for choosing an amazing color palette, there are a few key elements to consider.

True Colors

You may already have a favorite work or artist that speaks to you. There could be a reason for that. Sometimes it is subject matter but more often than not it is the artist’s use of color that draws us to it. Consider using those colors as your design inspiration. Are you open to exploring? If you already know what color pallette you will be using, the art world will no doubt have an offering that suits your taste. Local galleries, antique stores and area art fairs are great places to explore. If a print is what you are after, a Google Image search specifying particular colors yields a feast for the eyes.

Charged With Meaning

When deciding what artwork you would like to showcase, consider its meaning for you. Is it a reminder of the place where you bought it and how you felt? Is it the fact that you can lose yourself in it? Is it your own original work? Whatever the reason, meaning adds value. It can be used to start conversation with guests or express a piece of you to the outside world without words. But is it all about what others see on our walls that matters? In his book, Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You psychologist Sam Gosling says, “Much of the stuff we gather about us and the environments we create are there not to send messages about our identities but specifically to manage our emotions and thoughts.” So think about the story you want to tell yourself with the artwork in your home, not just the story you want to tell others.

Final Resting Place

Choosing where to place art can be as important as selecting it to begin with. Be sure to give it the space it deserves. Lighting is also a consideration. This might involve some trial and error. If you have clear in mind where you want to showcase your piece try that first. Is the wall actually too small? Does outdoor light divert focus away from the piece? Do not be afraid to change your room layout to not only accentuate the work but the feeling it creates.