The Freedom of Neutral

Have you ever walked past that store in the mall called White House Black Market? They’ve created an entire store based on two neutral colors—black and white.

Seasonally, they’ll throw in a pop of color—pink in the spring, yellow in the summer, blue in the fall, red in the winter. Their window displays always catch my eye because of their simplicity and their basic neutral color palette.

We see the same pattern in home decor. Stores like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel keep all their display furniture in predominantly neutral tones. Why?

Because choosing a simplified color palette anchors your space. Then by simply adding a pop of color or a fun print you can change the feel or mood of your space.

Generally, neutrals in home decor include colors like antique white, beige, taupe, and gray. But brown and navy can also work well as neutrals and add warmth. By using rich fabrics in these colors, you’re creating a palette that is easy to build on.

Neutrals are a safe, comfortable way to decorate a home. They provide a sense of comfort and are soothing to the eye. And they can blend well with, and even accentuate, just about every other hue of the color spectrum.

I love neutrals because of just that—they provide a blank canvas for whatever color or print is in style today. This allows you to keep your spaces enlivened and fresh, while still keeping each room in your home relating to each other. The question is, what color is trending now for home design?

Each year, Pantone delivers their color and design forecast for home furnishings.  PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2020 hints at the notion that muted and vibrant tones can co-exist, and that a traditional style, especially when tweaked with modern touches, can offer a unique and authentic approach to an interior.

Just imagine being excited to walk into your living room or master bedroom! By using neutral tones, you can give your rooms the perfect backdrop for a new pop of color, or a bright print.

Learning how to use color in design can be daunting. We at PureStyle want you to be excited to walk into your home every day and we want the experience to be fun and rewarding. We would love to help you get started. Contact us at PureStyle today!