Audits and Edits

When you own a home you’re in a constant state of auditing and editing.  What do I mean? You want your home to reflect you and your families and to reveal the value that you place on your home and the appreciation you have for the privilege to be homeowners, especially in this beautiful corner of the world.

This takes some thoughtful reflection, planning, scheduling and maybe a little help.

Audit Your Home

When it comes to auditing it’s a great idea to schedule a regular walk through and audit your:

  • Maintenance which in the long run will save you money if you stay current and keep on top of your maintenance. For example, inspect the exterior of your home regularly including drainage, gutters and windows.  Service the air conditioning unit to be sure your not left sweating out the summer months.
  • Linens: Bedding, towels, tablecloths and napkins. Do you have enough?  Or too much?  Is everything in good condition and ready for use?  Is it easy to find and identify?
  • Furniture and Mattresses: These are foundational pieces that need to be in good condition, comfortable, not threadbare or sunburnt.  Just think about how many hours you spend on your couch or on your mattress and be sure they’re in excellent condition.
  • Expenses: When was the last time you audited all of your subscriptions and bills?  Your cable, phone and energy bill?  Spending some time determining what you use and don’t use can help you to save money and avoid waste.
  • Lifestyle: Are you getting the rest, exercise and nutrition that you need?  Have you scheduled your yearly checkups? What can you do to reduce stress from your life?  For example, we have such an amazing resource available to us:  The Gulf of Mexico!  How often do you get your toes into the sand and benefit from the salty sea air?

Edit Your Home Decor

Does your home need an upgrade or an update?  Times change and your past choices can quickly date your home.  You can very easily transform your home by using your space more efficiently so that it’s cohesive and functional. Or by making small changes to give your home a custom made look.   We’re here to help you!  Upgrades and updates are our specialty!

Other areas that we need to edit are: our cleaning routines, menus, wardrobes, habits & goals.

We edit, edit, edit to maintain a home and a lifestyle that we love. This is intentional and requires some quiet contemplation.  But it can be an exciting creative outlet.

The last thing you need when you have a house full of guests is to realize that you’re linen poor, or you don’t have the proper beach gear or that the A/C goes out or worse….

So, look at your year and the seasons and come up with a reasonable plan for maintenance.  A slow walk through your home with a legal pad and a detective’s eye may give you a to-do list that will last quite some time and, of course, you can prioritize them according to your needs.

We understand how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by all the things you need to do as homeowners.  So, let us take something off your plate!  We’re here to help you update your interiors and that’s just one choice that may spur you toward a regular routine of audits and edits!