How to Travel Light with a Carry-On

It’s time to travel and live out those dreams that you’ve imagined from your armchair.  Safaris, gondolas, wine tasting, museums, tours, beaches and boats.  All of your planning is coming to fruition and now it’s time to pack.

Some trips are easier to pack for than others.  The beach vacation that requires a swimsuit and evening wear is the best.  But not all adventures lend themselves to such simplicity.

Ultimately, you want to be comfortable without looking like a bag lady.

They don’t call it traveling for nothing.  Usually, there are multiple stops requiring our luggage to be moved, unpacked and packed again.  The more we can simplify the process the more we’ll be able to enjoy the experience.

Pack Like a Pro

Here are a few tips that help me:

  • Activities: Consider what activities you’ll be doing on your vacation.  An adventure vacation may require some specialty pieces that you’ll need to get in advance.  The sooner you start the better.
  • Weather: Knowing the average temperature highs, lows, and precipitation will help you to plan ahead for what clothing would be best.  Think of pieces that can do double duty to save on space.
  • Shoes: Depending on your venture having comfortable footwear will no doubt be a must.  And you may need to plan ahead to ensure that if a new pair is needed you’ll have time to break them in.  I start the packing process with my shoes and I try to pick something that will work with pants, skirts, or shorts, and that are comfortable for many miles of walking.

You can pack for a trip of any length in a carry-on.  It can be done. And you’ll be so glad you did when you’re pulling your suitcase down an old world cobblestone street.

Choose a Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s how:

  • Choose a neutral foundation that will be the color of your pants, skirts, and shoes. Think black, brown, navy, or white.
  • Add another foundational neutral for your tops that you can mix and match easily.
  • Focus on accessories to change things up: necklaces, scarves, and a layering sweater or jacket.

I always want to look my best when I travel and I don’t want to worry about my clothes so spending the time to prepare in advance considering the laundry service that will be available or unavailable and then packing accordingly.

If you’re like me you may have said out loud that you hate packing!  But, try to change your story from “I have to pack” to “I get to pack!”  Turn on some great music, pour yourself some cold white wine and try to enjoy the process knowing that when you get to your destination you’ll have done the hard part and you can now just relax and enjoy yourself in pure style.

Bon Voyage!