Navigating Design Trends With Confidence

I love mixing metal finishes and accents because, if done right, it will give your home a layered, well-traveled and curated over time look instead of fresh out of the showroom or catalog look. The end result is chic, elegant and a reflection of your personal style.

I don’t know about you but I have that photo from the 80’s where my necklace, earrings and bracelet all matched my handbag and my shoes.  It was the trend at the time and I was right on point!

Trends can be tricky, which is why I look at the trends and interpret them in my own purestyle. Today, I’m much more inclined to mix it up and not be so matchy-matchy not only in my wardrobe but in my home decor as well.

Here are three ways to start mixing metals in your decor with the confidence of a pro:

Lighting and Accessories

A great place to start is if you have a neutral room in your home.  Try using mixed metals in your lighting and accessories to add character and texture.

Consider your lighting as a work of sculptural art and choose a metal in a rich, oil-rubbed bronze finish to stand out and make a statement.

The bottom line is:  Have fun with your accessories and your lighting to infuse layers of metals and finishes to create a cohesive space.

Metallic Finishes

Just as you would use a range of hues on a paint sample strip to establish a cohesive color palette, you can use the same principle when implementing metal finishes into your decor.  Here’s how:  Start with a polished version of a metal, then add in an accent with an antiqued or hammered surface, and complete the transition with a raw piece of metal.

Choosing similar metals with different finishes and patinas is a great way to ease into the trend. The contrast is sophisticated yet subtle.

A Gilded Home

Gold is a metal that isn’t likely to fade from the design world anytime soon. Its timeless, elegant, and can be very glam.  However, when we use it as a neutral it can set a casual yet refined mood to your home.  Regardless of your personal style have fun infusing this precious metal into your living space.

We live at a time now that is merging the best of many eras and the result is a home that:

  • Tells a story
  • Expresses your personal style
  • Is a great conversation starter
  • Strikes a balance between the best of times and timelessness

Because some things never go out of style but rather are a perfect match!  Without being matchy-matchy!

Navigating the trends as you go through the design process of your home can be daunting!  You deserve to get it right the first time and we’re here to help you design a home you love.  From the layout, to the fabrics and drapery all the way down to the small details that make your space complete.