Tis the Season in PureStyle

If you’re like me you’ve already sent RSVP’s to several engagements, your calendar’s getting full with guests’ requests, parties, weddings and dinners.

This could be a season of stress and overwhelm if you didn’t stay ahead of the festivities. However, it’s Mid-October which is a great time to grab a glass of white wine, cozy up in your favorite chair and put your feet up. Bring your planner or yellow legal pad and start listing it out. The more we can prepare now for the season, the more we’ll be ready to enjoy it in PureStyle.

Think About Your Wardrobe

Are there any special occasion dresses needed with shoes and a bag to match? Scan Pinterest for inspiration for your seasonal look and then get busy finding what you need. Start now because the key to looking amazing is buying something you love and having it tailored to fit which requires time. To simplify, try to find a wardrobe that you could use throughout the season. Think ‘Little Black Dress’ that you can change up with accessories and shoes.

Get the Guest Room Ready

Tis the season of sharing our fabulous weather with our friends and family from the North. So, I like to take a stroll through my guest room and bath and look at them through the eyes of my guests and try to anticipate any needs they may have. My goal is to provide everything they need so I can proclaim that the guest room and bath is theirs and they should find everything they need.

When my very special friends come to visit, I ask them what would make the space cozier, more welcoming, and is there anything missing and I work to fill the needs.

Plan the Menus

I love to seasonally perfect a menu and use it for all my guests that way I’m always prepared. I also keep a running list of my guest’s food and beverage preferences. Nothing says, “I love you” like remembering that your guests hate eggs and cheese. I keep track of what I serve so that I don’t repeat my favorite menus with my guests.

So, get comfortable with your favorite cookbook and make your seasonal menu. Nothing reduces stress more than having your decisions already made!

Gift Giving Simplified

I love to pick my favorite new product and give it to all of my friends. I also choose a gift-wrapping suite and use it throughout the season. I buy it in bulk and I always have what I need to get my gifts ready. Of course, if I purchase something and they offer gift wrap services, I take advantage of that!

There’s nothing like the season of family and friends and I love to have everything planned so that I can enjoy it thoroughly and be fully present. I use Pinterest to the fullest for inspiration and I try to plan ahead as much as possible.

If you’ve decided you want to update your guest room before this season then contact us ASAP. Your family will love the new look.