How Can Your Laundry Become Your Pet’s Sanctuary?

Is your laundry room just for laundry? Probably not. So many of us use our laundry room as a dumping ground, storage room, mud room, and the like. If your laundry room is an actual room and not a closet, then chances are it’s truly your family’s multi-purpose room.

But what if you’re a pet owner? Many people now use their laundry to house the dog bed, cat litter box, and pet food bowls. It makes sense, since the laundry is generally not a location you have to worry about your guests wandering into. So those unsightly, fur-covered, messy, and potentially stinky necessities for pets are not in the main part of the house. How wonderful is that?

However, there’s good news for every pet lover out there. The latest trend in laundry room design is now seeing a need to take pet maintenance even further. Not only is this now becoming a smart and stylish part of the house, but it is also turning into a multi-functional, practical, and desirable addition to your pet’s well-being.

Pet alcoves are being designed in and around washers and dryers, hampers, and drying racks, etc, to provide a permanent place for your dog or cat to sleep. Imagine walking into your laundry room and NOT tripping over the dog bed…Interested? So are we.

Extra storage for pet toys, food, and litter can be built-in—a place for everything, and everything in its place. You may have a pet, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t want your home to announce it before your pet has a chance to greet the guests at the door.

Doggie showers and baths are also coming to a laundry room near you. No more trying to wash the dog in the front yard, backyard, or the kids’ tub. He has his own little shower. These can be walk-in, with a door or without, and tub height. It really is quite brilliant for those pet-owners that have ever ended up wearing more suds than their pup…in full view of the neighbors.

Keeping your pet and his needs contained to one room in the house is a fabulous solution for people who love their four-legged friends, but like keeping their pet’s footprint to a minimum. Laundry rooms, if well-designed, can provide just such a perfect solution.

Here at PureStyle, we want your home to work for you, whether it’s the kitchen, master, or that necessary evil…the laundry room. Why settle for the ordinary when you could have the extraordinary?

Let us help you put your ideas into a workable plan. If you would like a pet-friendly laundry room, contact us here at PureStyle. We’d love to help you make your laundry dreams become reality!