Can a Laundry Room Have It All?

I know you’ve seen it. You may even be living with one: The After-Thought Laundry Room. You technically can’t even call it a room because it’s really more of a closet.

Normally found as an appendage to your kitchen or bath, it’s six square feet, built as a box, plumbed, and called a laundry. No room for even a gallon of detergent, it’s taken up valuable real estate where a pantry or linen closet should’ve been and left you wanting.

Now dirty laundry, awaiting its turn in the tub, is always a constant reminder of the chore that never ends.

Perhaps you’re one of the millions of transplants from other states that wanted to get away from the harsh winters of the North. You may have purchased your condo or home as a temporary fix because you didn’t know if you would even like Florida. So you bought a small space, just enough for you and your spouse, thinking that this would be all you would ever need for the amount of time you planned on staying here.

But now you may find yourself coming year after year, and staying longer and longer. You’re starting to wonder if the home you bought is really suiting all of your needs.

Is that “laundry closet” a constant source of frustration? Do you hate having those loud machines going when you have guests over or you’re trying to nap on your lanai or in your living room? Would you prefer it to have its own space, in a separate part of the house, and the dirty clothes out of the sight of invited guests?

Then I entreat you to come and take some time to look around at a local Neal community. Get inspiration in our wonderful models of how a laundry can be beautiful, stylish, practical and functional.

Not only is there ample storage, but there’s also a large laundry tub for hand washing garments and plenty of space to iron. All of your needs will be cared for here, and garments, clean and dirty, can be contained in a separate part of the house. It’s a perfectly appointed space that will make the inevitability of doing laundry more than an afterthought—it’ll make it enjoyable.

Here at PureStyle, we want to help you make the necessity of washing clothes a pleasant experience. Contact us today and let us help you turn that laundry closet into a laundry palace.