The Rehearsal Dinner – Part 2

It’s crunch-time and I’m not talking about my abs (although I’m doing those too since I have a dress I need to fit into). It’s the final countdown to my son’s wedding.

We’re now less than a week away from the rehearsal dinner and, ultimately, the wedding. I’m checking all of my to-do lists and finalizing all the last-minute details. And I know my trusted team of stylists will follow through with all of them.

I have planned many events at my home before, but none quite as large or as special as this one. Having a rehearsal dinner at home produced a host of extra things to schedule. For example:

  • Safety audits—All the ‘t’s’ are crossed and ‘i’s’ are dotted when it comes to my property. I feel confident knowing that every aspect of my home is safe and ready for guests of all ages.
  • Power washing the exterior of the house—I want my home to make a good first impression. And with all of the moisture we have here in Florida, it’s good to power wash the siding from time to time. The exterior of my house is clean and looks like I just painted it.
  • Cleaning the windows—This will allow maximum light into the home and which will give the house a warm, cozy feeling.
  • Landscaping and lawn care—Nothing says neat and clean like a well-manicured yard. And plenty of potted plants and flowers add freshness to the exterior decor.
  • Landscape lighting—This really sets the mood once the sun goes down.
  • Managing parking in the neighborhood—With so many people coming, I made sure my neighbors would be okay with all the extra cars on the street. It may not have been necessary, but all those little courtesies mean a lot in our little community.
  • Preparing my home to accommodate the many guests—I wanted to make sure every nook and cranny has been cleaned and polished for my friends.

All these little things will make my guests feel exactly how I want them to feel—valued and appreciated. Caring for all these details required organization and good scheduling, but it was worth it! I am sure that with all the advanced planning and good communication with my team of stylists, I can enjoy the evening myself and not stress over the details.

I am also excited about the things I have in place for the evening itself. As eager as I am to host all of my beloved guests, the guests of honor are the real focus—my son and future daughter-in-law. I want them to have a beautiful and lovely evening, one that they will always remember fondly.

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  • Decorations
  • Tablescapes
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • Comfortable Conversation Nooks
  • Fire Pit

The rehearsal dinner is going to kick off the beginning of a busy weekend of festivities!

  • Hosting out of town guests
  • The Rehearsal Dinner
  • The Big Day
  • Sunday Brunch

So, this week’s meeting with my stylists—wedding Wednesday—will be wedding week, and since I’ve done all the prep work weeks in advance, I’m thrilled that I get to enjoy every minute!

This process of planning a large event is very much like how we operate at PureStyle. We want our customers to see themselves living in a Neal home. As we plan, design, and style our model homes we think about every detail; helping set the mood for our customers so they can envision themselves living in a Neal home as part of a Neal Community.

Having a team that I trust to carry out all of the details with the same style and attention is paramount and what makes me love going to work everyday!