How Interior Design Affects Our Well Being

More than ever our homes have become a refuge, a respite, a place to breathe easy, de-stress, and take good care of ourselves and our family of loved ones.

If you’ve looked around lately and felt anything short of what’s described above then perhaps it’s time to control the controllable, and invest in your most important asset:  Your home.

Can the way we design, clean and organize our home have an affect on how we feel, on our outlook, and our stress levels?  Absolutely!

Design is simply planning, preparing, problem solving and deciding.  So, we’re all designers!  We design our lives minute by minute with the decisions we make.  I say all of that to say, although we all are designing our lives we all get help in areas where we’re not an expert.

You will not find me changing a transmission in my car.  I’m very intrepid but I know my limits.

With that being said, since our home interiors can add so much to our joie de vivre I encourage you to look around and make some edits that will enhance your time at home, make you more comfortable, and love your life by design.

Recently, I was looking at my space with fresh eyes.  I have a lovely view out my bedroom window but no way to truly enjoy it, take it in and revel in it.  With just a few tweaks, and some rearranging of the furniture, I now have a lovely seating area that is a perfect spot to have a cup of coffee and read the paper and enjoy the lovely view with my husband.

This tiny tweak has raised my joy level exponentially!

Sometimes, though, we can’t see the forest from the trees, so consider getting fresh eyes on your space and professional help to design a home that is a refuge, a place that brings you joy and peace and contributes to your well being.

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