Home Decorating on a Budget

I’ve got news for you! When you hire a decorator you’re decorating on a budget. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief!  Let’s get started!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, interior design is a service that you pay for.  Very similar to going to a dentist, a mechanic or a hairdresser.

You’re paying for:

  • A professional
  • Expertise
  • A rolodex of resources
  • A job well done without headaches and costly mistakes

One of the first questions we ask you is:  What is your budget?   Everyone has a budget and we can work within your budget to make your dreams come true!

We get inspiration from many sources: The beautiful natural world around us here in Florida; with the bright skies, the ever-changing blues of the ocean and the gorgeous fiery sunsets.   We also get inspiration from our vendor relationships and what’s available to us.  Every year our team travels to High Point N.C., the mecca for the home furnishings industry to curate more resources for our customers.

If you went to a hairdresser who never did continual education you might have a less-than-stellar haircut! We take our continual education and curation of resources very seriously because we want to offer our customers the very best service possible.

Generally, when you type into Google “home decorating on a budget” you’ll get a list of ideas on how to do it yourself.  I dare you to hire a professional to take care of your foundational decor. It’s very smart since these are investment items that should last for years.  Think – your paint colors, your flooring, your rugs, your couch, your drapes – these are items that you don’t want to make mistakes on because you’ll be living with them for a long time.

For a sneak peak at our work, tour any of our model homes in a Neal Community in Southwest Florida and follow me on Pinterest!