3 Tips to Design Your Second Home

If it’s been on your mind and heart to have a second home that you can retreat to either for the holidays, a weekend, or for the long Northern Winter, then welcome to Southwest Florida and the endless possibilities.  Neal Communities has been successfully building homes and communities that are perfect for a second home.  There are many to choose from that will fit your needs.  

Once you choose your home the next question is how to design a second home that you love and that’ll live up to your dreams?  Here at Pure Style, we are poised to help you do just that!

Decide and Define

Well, it begins with deciding and defining the purpose of the second home.

● Will it serve as an escape and a respite for you alone or will you share it with others?  

● Is it a space designed to help you to slow down and reconnect with nature?

● Or will it be a gathering place for your extended family where meals will be lovingly prepared and served to help you to reconnect your loved ones.

Deciding on the function of the home will guide the design process so that it’s a breath of fresh air the moment you arrive.

Let’s look at the design elements of this single family home in the Cruise Series at Vicenza in Venice Florida.

Liberty 3

It’s perfect for a second home in size and the location.  We worked to create an attractive interior design that is simple yet sophisticated.  

If your home is to be an escape for you to get away from busy then choose a color palette that will gently suggest that you unwind, take a deep breath, slip into a light cotton caftan and get started on that book you’ve been wanting to read.  Here in Liberty 3 we used soft neutrals paired with a modern pastel pink that provides the blush that nods towards exciting without the drama.  

Here are three tips to design your second home:

● Consistently using the same colors throughout the home adds to a cohesive feeling that is relaxing in itself.

● Using high end materials, a touch of metallics, large scale art, and fresh flowers will give the home a touch of luxury without overwhelming the space with things.

● Using natural elements throughout the home will in itself give the home a grounded feeling which will help you to unwind, relax, and enjoy your space the moment you arrive.

So, pack your bags for the last time because you have a vacation home to go to and it has all of the comforts of home without all of the distractions.

We would love to design your second home with Pure Style.  It starts with a conversation and determining your expectations of how you would use your second home.  We would love to link arms with you and design a second home that you love and that’ll live up to your dreams!