Summer Living

Some seasons produce a shift that is palatable.  Summer is one of those seasons.  The long, sunny days beckon us to slow down, take a breath and enjoy the view preferably from a beach chair, porch swing, or chaise lounge stationed next to the pool.

And this season more than ever we’re reevaluating our spaces to be sure they provide the vibe we’re looking for as a family.  One that’s relaxed yet festive!

I’d like to invite you on a tour of a space we recently designed:
Starlight at Vicenza 

We designed this home to appeal to a weekend vibes of serene sophistication with a nod to an unfussy, simple summer escape.  The neutral greys and silver tones throughout the home give it a very spa-like feel and we used mixed metals and texture as our accent which is so subtle and timeless.  Plants are used throughout the space to provide a very natural color of green which is calming and the turquoise of the pool is strategically carried throughout the home which ties it all together to your most popular summer gathering place.

When designing a space for relaxation and taking advantage of the season’s best perks you’ll need to provide areas for reading, napping and reflection, and thoughtfully invite slow things into your design like pillows, throw blankets, books and board games

Whether you’re ready to design your home, a weekend get-away, or beach house we’re ready to help you nail the look and feel that you’re dreaming of by adding chic accents, your personality and collected items to make your home a one-of-a-kind gathering place for you and your loved ones.

We’ve mastered the art of virtual designing which means we’re available to collaborate with you and help you get started with your purestyle today!